Boiler Sales & Maintenance

Collective experience of more that 32 years in the boiler industry.

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Boiler Manufacturing

We manufacture, maintain, relocate and service boilers.

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Boiler Installations

Installation, sales, service and re-location of boilers

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Welcome to Boiler Group

Boilers R Us !
Boiler Sales
We sell new & reconditioned boilers, purchase decomissioned boilers and supply any type of boiler (Coal, Deisel, Gas, HFO, Wood fired, Horizontal or Vertical)
Steam Supply Projects
We can supply boilers on a rental basis whilst you have a shut down or your only boiler is being serviced.
Boiler Relocations
When purchasing a boiler we can uplift, service, deliver and install any boiler in the Southern African region. We also do inter brance boiler relocations – to turnkey installations.
Maintenance & Service
We do services, inspections, break-down assistance on boilers, maintenance & labour hire for projects, project management & planning.
Boiler Conversions
We can convert your boiler from coal to any other fuel source, planning and assessments, AIA & NDT & Design approvals and arrangements.
Boiler Manufacturing
We manufacture coal handling systems, ash handling systems, steam pip planning, drawings, AIA approvals, installations, steel structures, vessels, tanks ductint, coal hppers and bunkers.
Boiler Spares & Materials
We supply all types of spares for all boiler types, valves, instruments, and controls, stokers, refractory and fire bricks, lagging and cladding, and all electrical work.
Pipe Installations
We supply and install all water, steam, air and gas piping products.
Boiler Automation
Fully automated boiler panels, monitoring systems, data logging & reporting systems, efficiency control systems as well as coveyor control systems for ash and coal handling.
Crane, Transport & Rigging
We have a 63 ton crane and do our own rigging with our own equipment and thus the customer saves money.
Coal Supply
We supply coal for boilers, we keep high quality A and B grade stock. We get coal directly from the mines and arrange transport and delivery based on your requirements..
Your Boiler Experts
We are the boiler experts with over 32 years' experience in the boiler industry, and well respected throughout the community.

About The Boiler Group

We were previously known as BTR Construction cc. We changed our whole company profile for the need to grow in all aspects of steam and boilers, with growth we also plan to expand into the international market abroad and in Africa.

We have a number of new divisions in our company such as:
Boiler services and maitenance, Boiler sales, Coal supply, Crane truck and rigging, Welding division, Refractory and Spares

Why Choose Us

  • - We have a collective experience of more that 32 years in the Boiler industry.
  • - We are well known and respected in the field.
  • - We offer complete turnkey projects
  • - Family owned company, therefore we are committed to ensuring longevity and growth within ourselves and our company and customers.